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Polish in Wroclaw

Polish language courses became popular recently, mostly among foreigners from different reasons living in Wroclaw. If you asked anyone about polish for foreigners lessons a few years ago, not many Poles could even answer what it exactly is or if any of language schools offer polish language tuition.

Since Wroclaw became an important partner for foreign businesses, it was noticed that interests in learning polish as foreign language grew up. Foreigners who decided to move to Wroclaw want to live a real life and make friendships with people living in Poland. An important issue in such social existence is the language, which is - honestly speaking - not really easy, especially for residents of the Western Europe countries.

Polish schools in Wroclaw start to build their own learning programme, including the most problems the foreigners could have during the polish language courses. Polish lessons are prepared with awareness of mentioned difficulties and put the most attention on speaking and understanding which are indispensable for living in Poland.

In other articles you will read about the most common problems with learning Polish such us: pronunciation, understanding and grammar.

Second but also very important issue of knowing Poland is understading its culture. Even if Poland is a part of United Europe there are some specifics which can be strange for foreign turists. About this differences you will read in the next articles.