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Semi-Intensive Courses

If you want to learn Polish quicker but you don't have time for intensive everyday course - this option will be best for you.

 Our Semi-intensive Polish course consists of 6-8 lessons a week (depending on the amount of Participants). Polish lessons start each month so there is always the right time to start.

The aim of the course is to help you to use Polish effectively in general, everyday situations, such as at the post office, out shopping, at the train station, or at the bank.

When you start your course, we will test your current knowledge of Polish, to make sure you are placed in a group at the right level. There are 6 General Polish levels, from A1 on the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework for modern languages (Beginner)  to C1 (Advanced).

How does the Semi-intensive Polish Course look like?

  • you will attend 6-8 lessons a week,

  • you can choose between individual Polish lessons or lessons in a group,

  • you can start your course monthly or continue with already existing group.



COURSE TYPE:                                 Semi-Intensive Polish Course 

COURSE START:                                every Monday

AMOUNT OF LESSONS                       30 lessons

PARTICIPANTS AGE:                     Minimum age 19

COURSE LENGTH:                               1 month (or longer)

HOURS PER WEEK:                       8-9 lessons per week

GROUP SIZE:                               2-6 participants

LEVELS:                                    all levels of proficiency

COURSE FEE:                                         1200 zł

Interested in our course?
Please contact us at +48 662 22 57 57 or by e-mail: info@polish-world.pl