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Terms and conditions

Cancellations and Refunds

Participants who decide to postpone the participation within the first two weeks will be refunded max. 70% of the total fee. After the date mentioned above participants will not be refunded.

Please note!

The payment may be refunded under the above mentioned conditions at participant’s written request with attached original payment statement (email is enough)

The following details are necessary for the refund related procedures:

Account holder’s name and surname
Account holder’s address
Bank’s name
Bank’s address
Account number

Information important for people from non-EU countries

Please read all the below mentioned comments very carefully.

  1.     Decision on language course selection should be made minimum 3 months prior to a starting date of a chosen course so that visa-related procedures can be completed on time. Letters and application forms (except for scan passport with personal details, without payment receipts) sent 3 weeks prior to commencement of a given language course type will not be considered as it is impossible to get a visa in such a short period of time.
  2.     Candidates should familiarize themselves with program descriptions and requirements related to each type of a language course.
  3.     On selection of a given course type one should fill in the application form carefully and send required documents together with a copy of a bank transfer payment receipt related to the chosen type of a language course to the address of the School. Please send us Passport Photocopy as well.
  4.     On receipt of the information that the payment for a chosen type of a language course has been made and that the money is already on the University bank account the School sends its confirmation of admission for a given language course type.
  5.     Polish World - Polish Language Centre does not send any letters of invitation for its language courses and does not provide any assistance in procedures aimed at getting a visa. Each participant may apply for a visa on the basis of obtained written confirmation of admission mentioned above.
  6.     On receipt of the visa please notify the School of your arrival date.
  7.     Due to the content of our course programmes participants are requested to start attending a chosen course strictly on the day it begins.
  8.     Procedures related to a payment refund are specified in each course description. Underlying formal procedures may last from 3 up to 6 weeks from the day the School receives a refund email together with the set of required documents. Candidates should familiarize themselves with refund conditions before they make their decisions on applying for a given type of a language course. Refund conditions described for each type of a language course are not subject to changes or negotiations. A refund can be made only when the School receives the original of the confirmation of admission for a given language course type and the information from the relevant consulate on refusal to issue a visa.
  9.     All other matters related participants’ arrivals and stay in Wrocław should be dealt with directly by people interested in a selected type of a language course.
  10.     Each person who turns to the School with a request to be refunded will be asked to provide additional information and documents explaining the reason(s) behind his / her decision to give up studying on the Regular Polish Course. This will refer to those people who do not commence studying due to „Force Majeure” related reasons (i.e. illness of a family member). This information should be sent to the school at least 2 weeks after beginning the course. Otherwise, the fees won't be refunded.